Today, we'd like to explore the high cost of low prices versus the Higher Cause of Beard & Tackle.

Science is providing more and more evidence that shows the adverse effects of using synthetically created products or derivatives of products in our daily lives. The cosmetics and body industry harbors a plethora of these 'fillers' that act like the natural product, but for a fraction of the cost. More than 500 cosmetic products used in the U.S. are banned in Japan, Canada, and Europe. As we mention in our funding campaign, these may be harmless in low doses, but women and even men repetitively apply these products at an unbelievable rate. Over the course of a lifetime this may cause irreparable damage to your skin and overall health, thus, the high cost of low price.

The way we see it, you're applying products to your FACE, your greatest identifying asset. So why risk it? Many do because it is cheaper to buy mass produced synthetic products, which by the way, the government doesn't require all ingredients to be listed; in some cases you may not actually know what you are applying to your body. Some, because of the millions of dollars spent on advertisements with celebrities which convince the masses that their lives will benefit from this product--while ultimately taking the consumer further from who they were uniquely made to be. May I mention, all this for a huge, impersonal, bottom line. Although the consumer may be saving money on mass produced products, the short-term savings can quickly be diminished by long term and increased need for the product or worse, unnecessary medical expenses. 

Instead, we've chosen to offer products that are crafted with the highest quality of natural ingredients possible. Each of our vendors are experts in sourcing ingredients that are extracted fairly, properly, and ethically. We choose to pay more for better ingredients because we are constantly in awe of nature's ability to heal. No imitations, no fillers--only all natural, pure ingredients. 

A number of our vendors support various organizations or charities doing work in the most underdeveloped places on the planet. Our purchases contribute to their cause and we feel interconnected or woven into the lives of others, as we all should be. Your purchases allow us to continue to support the outreach opportunities of our vendors.

Locally, your dollars go towards serving our homeless friends here in Dallas, Texas. We support the good people at Our Calling, who work to transition the homeless into better situations. What your dollars do when they purchase our products is amazing--reaching further than you can possibly know to benefit the lives of others. That is what we are about...it's our bottom line and we're proud of it.

In summation, the consumer's choice to purchase mass produced, cheaply sourced products comes at a high cost...your body. I challenge you to look at the ingredients listed on those products and discover the harm that they have been found to do. Next, discover the Higher Cause of Beard & Tackle. We use the finest available ingredients from vendors that have a desire to serve others as we ourselves work to serve the homeless. Really, it's a no brainer. Line a wallet and potentially harm your skin, or use your dollars to make a difference in the world, oh and your skin will never feel better.

April 13, 2016 by Molly Parker
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