Who is Beard & Tackle?

Welcome to Beard & Tackle!  We are finally open and happy to provide you with your bearding essentials.  As we launch this product, we'd like to thank The Old State for their professionalism and creative genius helping us brand and develop this product and Lauren Allen Photography for the stellar images.  To my wife, Molly, the brains, good looks, and entrepreneur in the family, you're awesome.  I've never known someone so passionate about serving others, making all efforts to genuinely help any way she can, before taking much deserved time to herself.  She's the ultimate example of Christ and the driving force behind any success that I have.  

Several months ago Molly had a desire to begin voodoo, or at least that's what I call it.  She began making products for the home as well as personal products for women and expectant mothers through a company she created called Graceful Remedies LLC.  Little did I know that her desire to make and offer 100% pure natural and organic products would move into the realm of men.  Lucky for me and all of us men, Molly began to conjure up killer recipes that allowed me to do what deep down every man wants, that is, to grow a beard.  I've always had facial hair, but I'm not talking about the small, scruffy, GQ well manicured and edged up beard that men wear in November or throughout the winter months.  I'm talking about, a no doubt about it, full on beard and for those of us who can grow a nice full beard, we owe it to the guy who can't, either for professional reasons or genetics, grow a BIG beard.  I have to admit, I started growing my beard from scruff in June 2014 so that I could test her recipes and be the "face" of the brand.  Now I'm five months into this and am not sure that I could ever again desecrate this beard with a razor.  It's a part of me.  It's on my face.  It's the first thing people notice of me and either way it creates attention.  It's either positive envy from a fellow man or "why would you do that?" from my mom or older women that I work with.  Either way, my beard is a part of me and I love the fact that my wife, who once would have opposed such growth now can stand it...should I dare say, love it.  All of this possible, of course, with the use of the B&T Reviver to condition my itchy skin during the grow out phase and to replenish my beard naturally with pure essential oils, and also use of the B&T Wax for which I can really tame my beard and stylize my mustache. We hope that you'll check out our products.  Men, give it a try.  Grow that beard.     


Happy Bearding,

Beard & Tackle

November 13, 2014 by Molly Parker
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