Clear Vision = Successful Mission

Into our first week of business and we are thrilled with sales and web traffic. We are finding that entrepreneurship is a whole new animal, but it's thrilling, as well as very easily consuming.  Those of you who share this same experience know what I'm talking about.  Late nights, fights with the bank, web travesties and the emotions of anxiety and uncertainty can really debilitate you...especially if you're like us and have full time jobs, a two year old and let's not forget about the sweet thing that's healthily growing inside Molly's belly.  No doubt this week has been exciting and if its any indication of the future...this will be a interesting journey.


Since this idea was conceived I have to shamefully admit that I've dropped the ball on pursuing my wife.  We've been busy!  Late nights at the computer, problem solving etc...I thought that was quality time-ha!  Anyways, lucky for me my wife organized a sitter, thanks Robyn, and planned a date celebrating Beard & Tackle's launch.  Being a bearded guy I thought it fantastic that she took me to H & G Supply Co.  (Hunter & Gatherer) Fitting for guys with great beards.  A great time.  Beautiful wife, great atmosphere, and carnivorous food.  If you're in East Dallas you have to check it out. 



The night continued and got better. Well, better may not be the right word.  Let's say, the night continued and became more inspiring.  While we were waiting for our valet we noticed a homeless man trying to have conversations with other folks who were waiting.  As I watched I hoped that he would continue towards us so we'd have an opportunity to talk with him.  From it's inception, Beard & Tackle had a mission to serve others.  One way we do this is through our partnership with Our Calling, who serves our homeless population here in Dallas.  We call this Beards With A Mission.  After being sent away by many people, he made it to us.  His name was Greg and he told us his story, nearly his life story.  As his story telling went on, our car arrived and began clogging up the valet line.  Molly went to pay and I had to interrupt and say, "Greg, what can I help you with?"  Greg knew how much money he needed to get a room, but was not able to count.  He simply wanted me to let him know how much money he had in his hands.  Only a few dollars short, I happily gave him a few lousy dollars, but more importantly was able to hook him up with Our Calling and get him some help, a clean bed and a hot shower.  This was the most reaffirming experience as we've launched this week.  Sales are awesome.  Likes on Facebook and followers on Instagram, essential.  But nothing this week came close to being able to help a man in need and fulfill our mission.




As we took this picture Greg was singing about Jesus and had the greatest smile on his face, despite having a broken jaw and broken arm from being mugged.  This curbside prophet also predicted that my wife, Molly, was pregnant with a girl (we didn't find out what we are having).  Only time will tell.  Oh ya, and one more thing.  Did I mention Beards With A Mission was a passion of my wife's?  As Greg talked to us he kept noticing the bright sparkle in her eyes.  A sparkle, that to me, is a reminder of how fortunate we are to pursue our dreams.  Join us on our journey, giving back to those in need. 


Beard On,



November 21, 2014 by Molly Parker
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