A Greater Purpose

  I find myself right now in the midst of an onslaught of confirmation and visions of greatness for Beard & Tackle. Since our launch in November, we’ve had so much fun tackling the day-to-day challenges of entrepreneurship and seeking new opportunities to expand the awareness of our brand.


A couple of years ago I read the book, The Alchemist, which is about seeking and discovering your significant purpose, or personal legend. In the book, over and over again, the main character is told and shown how when someone is trying to achieve their personal legend, all the universe conspires to help achieve it. I feel this way now about Beard & Tackle. Daily, through various mediums, it seems like so many outside forces are aligning to spring board B&T forward and the only things holding us back are the limitations we are putting on ourselves.


Recently, actually, one month ago, we welcomed our second boy, Micah Emmet to the B&T family. Over the last several weeks I have been reminded over and over of how blessed we are. But at the same time I have an overwhelming sense of guilt that I have so much more than most anyone else in the world and yet find myself wanting a larger house, a nicer car or to not think twice about taking my wife on a date and getting a sitter for the boys. All the while people all over the world don’t have a place to call home, adequate food or even appropriate clothing. Even right here in our own city, a city of wealth, we have so many who have so little.


Further confirmation of B&T’s mission has come through our local church, Northwest Bible. We’ve been promoting foreign and domestic missionaries through a series called invisible borders. I’ve been significantly convicted about the invisible borders I have been guilty of guarding. Bottom line, I enjoy comfort and my comfort or safety has been of greater priority than rolling up my sleeves, tightening my belt, strapping on my boots and taking to the streets to serve those that need to be served. Too often these people aren’t reached because of the invisible borders society has created which imprisons them.


And still yet another glaringly obvious encouragement has come from the book I am currently reading, Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Let the record show I am just a regular simpleton with a beard. This book, as fantastic as it is, really gives me a headache. He brings up a point indicative of our culture and I couldn’t agree more. Over the last several decades we have given over the responsibility of caring for the poor to a government that in turn, has created a dependence that only bandages a wound, which it alone never will be able to heal. We can’t expect the government to fix society. We, through charitable giving and our own service, can only fix society; after all, we are society. I can’t with certainty say how much each of us is responsible, but we should probably give more than we can spare. In other words, as C.S. Lewis says, there ought to be things we would like to do but cannot do because our charitable giving or service excludes them. What could we, as a neighborhood, city, state and country accomplish if more of us had this attitude.


The convergence of these influences has really inspired and motived B&T to work harder, more creatively and more passionately to promote our brand and the significant work our partner, Our Calling, does to serve our cities most needy. I’ve been wrestling with the above mentioned as well as others, but what has really conspired to motivate me to write this and give so much effort was a social experiment done by a group here in the states showing the invisibility of our homeless. Please take a look at this video by clicking HERE. Our hope here at Beard & Tackle is that we, together with our customers, would understand our significant purpose to serve others. May we break through invisible borders and see through new eyes.


With each beard product purchase, you can help make this change possible, as we give back 10% of our profit to aid in this mission. SHOP NOW

Let's battle together,





March 02, 2015 by Molly Parker
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