Meet Our Manbassadors

It's been a while since our last blog post but running two brands, having two full-time jobs and raising two boys leaves us with little time to sit down and write. We are thrilled of the progress that B&T has made in name recognition, product recognition and sales over the last few months. We have mostly our friends, fans and followers to thank for this as it's been your word-of-mouth praise that has marketed this brand.

Speaking of word-of-mouth praise, we've yet to introduce you to what we call our 'Manbassadors'.  A Manbassador is an individual who has agreed via contract to receive, use and advertise our products to their friends, fans and followers using their presence on social media. These few and spectacular bearded specimens emit not only high quality beards but also share a similar mission as B&T's Beards With A Mission. It's my pleasure to introduce you to them.

Meet Justin:

This dude was recommended by a super cool dude, @lu_test, who has a high profile beard. Turns out, our search for stellar beards landed us a stellar dude too. He not only share awesome pics of NYC each and every morning, but shares our passion to serve by supporting a charity for St. Judes, @the_bearded_worldwide. Follow him on Instagram using the handle @the_bearded_shiznit.

Meet Jerod:

Jerod is source of light to the people of Florida. He has been a regular supporter of B&T and does great work marketing our products. We are very thankful and excited for him to represent us as a Manbassador. You can follow him on Instagram using the handle @jtogg.

Meet Tyler:

Tyler is one of our local Manbassadors.  He is architect here in Dallas and does quite a bit of traveling. It's imperative to have local beards regularly giving shout outs about the people taking care of their beards! You can follow Tyler on Instagram using the handle @studiopatina.

Meet Cody:

 I happened upon this beard in front of my favorite local hardware store. He was allowed to store and work on his tiny little project, building a tiny home. Turns out, its a small world and he graduated HS with my brother-in-law. It's been the start of a new friendship and we are excited that he is a Manbassador among the tiny house revolution that is going on now. You can follow him on Instagram using the handle @bestlittlehouseintexas.

Meet Lewis:

Lewis is our international Manbassador claiming turf in the UK. Always good to have a strong (pun intended) beard representing products in other corners of the world. You can follow him on Instagram using the handle @lewisvjackson.

Meet Seth:

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Seth resides in Portland, Oregon. We met in college and now consider him my brother. Thus far, his contributions to B&T's startup has been incredibly self-less and priceless. Known for wearing the same clothes for days, sending him a B&T t-shirt may be the best marketing we've done yet. He is also a fine photographer and writer. Follow his work on instagram using the handle @sethpatterson.

These fine chaps represent Beard & Tackle well and we are excited to follow their bearding story and provide them with quality products for the health and maintenance of their facial hair. 

Looking forward, we are proud to announce the launch of some new products towards the end of summer and beginning of fall. Please stay plugged in and see what new products you may benefit from and watch B&T continue to build momentum and serve the Dallas community.

Beard On Brothers,

Beard & Tackle


June 25, 2015 by Molly Parker
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