It's Christmas Time in Texas

We are deep into beard season and its busier than ever. So far this fall we have run a funding campaign and funded, launched new products, launched a website update, sponsored a Movember event with our good friends at Goodfriend, and if that isn’t enough, we’ve got more ideas and development brewing. The response and support from many of you, our loyal customers and friends, has enabled us to continue working to make a vision come true and support a very special homeless population right here in our home town.

We find it hard to believe that it’s already December 10. There is clearly not enough time in the day to get any agenda complete. Few are the days were we rest our head knowing we have tied up and finished all loose ends and ready to blaze new trails tomorrow.  Speaking of tomorrow, have you finished up gift ideas for this holiday season? If not, there's still time to get something socially responsible providing you with a quality, unique gift while providing good to the community. So, in addition to the wonderful products we offer and the homeless people you help through purchasing our ‘Tackle’, we thought we'd offer you some other awesome ideas that are mission and vision minded and seek to serve a greater purpose.

#1 Mitscoots

“Mitscoots are socks made 100% in the U.S.A. We have our products manufactured in North Carolina and packaged in Austin, Texas. Our socks last because they are designed for the needs of those that may have to wear them days on end. We’re modest about most things, but the quality of our socks isn’t one of them. They are bright, bold, comfortable and represent your commitment to helping the homeless.

We give socks to those in need all over the country. The need for socks is enormous and we want to do everything we can to take care of it. We have partnered with a number of amazing local and national charities to help give away as many socks as possible and are excited every day for the chance to do it. For every pair of socks purchased we take an equal pair of socks and give them out on your behalf.”

#2 TIM Watch

TIM, which stands for “Time Is Money,” is a cause-based business founded with a mission of alleviating world poverty at its root rather than just providing a temporary fix. We envision a world where all people—no matter where they live—hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and for others. So we’ve created something special to help us journey together in the fight against world poverty. Empower people. Strengthen communities. Build humanity. That’s what you do when you wear a TIM watch. And the best part? It keeps on giving. Each watch provides food, clothing, and education for a family in a third world country and enables that family to turn around and give to others. We give. They give.

#3 EarthRunners

 For earthy minimalist everywhere! “Earth Runners give you that satisfying "ground feel," while offering both protection and comfort in a great fitting sandal. What distinguishes Earth Runners from other minimalist sandals is our original design that allows you to absorb the ever-present subtle electrical energies of the earth: this provides an experience similar to going barefoot, while still enjoying a measure of safety from varied terrains or street hazards.”

“Our goal is to create affordable USA-made earthing sandals that allow your feet to function closest to how they’re naturally designed – and that’s barefoot.  We’re passionate about promoting a more grounded way of living that’s possible when we’re connect to the electrical energy of the Earth. This is why we pledge that for every ten sandals sold, we will donate a pair to Seva Sandals - a non-profit organization dedicated to providing protective footwear to children in India.”

#4 Kammock

Kammock is an innovative outdoor brand that connects people with the adventure of changing lives. Through the provision of quality outdoor gear and apparel to the socially-conscious adventurer, every kammok purchase has a direct impact on helping people in need and improving our natural resources. Kammok is a 1% For the planet member and a certified B-Corp.

 #5 Sword & Plough

Made in America with Care for the Planet

We empower veteran employment by working with companies and non-profit organizations that employ veterans as sewers and manufacturers, and we ask our partners to scale with us by hiring veterans to meet the growing demand for S&P products.

We hope your season is merry and bright.

Merry Christmas,

Beard & Tackle 

December 10, 2015 by Molly Parker
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