Earth Day '17

Earth Day '17



Earth day is celebrated the 22nd of April each year since 1970. Earth Day was established to bring awareness to the inefficient, wasteful and harmful practices that humanity irresponsibly used to drive our consumer driven economies. Its purpose not to oppose consumerism, capitalism or the incredible choices we have because of them, but rather, to inform consumers and businesses alike of the real and potential harm we do to the earth. The goal, to educate us, equipping us to make more responsible decisions that have less harmful impacts on the environment.

As a socially conscious brand, we have become more and more aware of the incredible responsibility we have to make and execute decisions that affect the environment around us. Of course, this is essential to the inner-workings of all successful businesses, but we also feel incredibly responsible to ensure that each of our actions, personal and business related, echo those sentiments. Even the largest of businesses have a limited reach when it comes to the protection of the earth and its resources, but it’s the awareness and practice by as many businesses and consumers as possible where real change begins.

As consumers ourselves, we carefully and as much as possible vote with our dollars. We prefer to consume products that have social components working to make change, which are also responsibly sourced, thoughtfully produced, and easily disposable in ways that least harm our environment. We certainly aren’t perfect and can’t always do this, but when possible we make all conscious efforts to do so.

As a family, we are avid outdoorsmen and obsessed adventure seekers we make efforts to preserve and conserve our most frequented destinations. In our previous blog post, we share about the importance adventure is to us. Recently, I had the privilege to have a conversation with one of the owners of one of our favorite places. We discussed at length how precious his land was; how incredible the experience is just to be able to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. It’s a heck of a bonus that we get to hunt quail and other animals, but what was most significant about the conversation was that our appreciation of the land and our experiences there mean more to him than money. This ranch could easily sell the experience to high end private executives for enormously large sums of money, but for what? The land’s true value sold out for profit and nothing more. It’s a model I wish more appreciated. (For more on this trip, visit:

We also must also shout out to our close friend Seth Patterson, who is starting up a brand whose sole purpose is to inform the public of the devastating impact that we have had on our rivers and fisheries in America and across the globe. 84 East is an incredible follow on IG and it’s been fun to watch him grow and inform through captivating photos and relevant information. Check out 84 East , for yourself. As we intentionally seek out brands that have a cause bigger than profit, it’s been amazing to find all the incredible brands, big and small, local and national, that have incredible purposes that align so well with Earth Day.




As we seek and source our own ingredients we are very considerate about who and where we buy from. Our vendors are incredible! All of which are here in the U.S. and also have the same passion for responsibly sourcing each of their offerings. Each of our products are made from all natural, raw, pure and unadulterated ingredients which we believe have incredibly powerful intended purposes. We hope to extract and exploit the power of nature without using any product that is harmful to the environment. Our packaging is also carefully considered in our effort to do our part for our community and the environment. All of our packaging is reusable and 100% recyclable. Further, each or our products can be used in multiple ways saving you money and responsibly using our Earth’s valuable resources.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate Earth Day by making a conscious effort to vote with your dollars. We are passionate about the earth. Not only are we passionate about outdoor adventures, but we are also very passionate about the process by which we source and use our ingredients. This is why we make such a huge effort to capture nature’s finest ingredients and use them naturally without additives and fillers. As a result, we produce little waste and produce a powerful product. Celebrate with us and purchase all natural beard care products while helping us help the homeless. What’s not to love about that?


April 20, 2017 by Molly Parker
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