Live an Adventure, Live Authentic, Tackle Life

Live an Adventure, Live Authentic, Tackle Life

Beard & Tackle is a beard care brand that promotes a life of adventure, authenticity, and tackling life’s various challenges. Some say, “grab the bull by the horns.” We say, “tackle life.” We’ve found that beards represent well, the innate desire of men to live adventurous lives of integrity, running full force into the messy world we live in­­—inspiring greatness and change.

We hope to inspire men to discover within them their desire for adventure, not accumulation of material things—live lives of authenticity, maintaining their integrity—and tackle life’s challenges relentlessly. After all, “nothing in this world is worth having or doing unless it means effort, pain, or difficulty” (Theodore Roosevelt). That is why we do what we do. We feel called to provide a powerful platform encouraging men to discover adventure, authenticity and courage as they lead their families, co-workers, friends etc.

For me, living out a life of adventure is paramount for my own mission statement. In the end, I want to have lived a life full of adventure. I’m not concerned with how much money I have, how much my assets are worth. Rather, I want to make lasting memories my children will value so they may understand truth and what’s really important, not what our culture may disguise as truth and important. Recently, I had an opportunity to go on an adventure to Marfa, Texas. Although this is a yearly adventure, this particular trip was different. Me and my best friend, Seth, collaborated to conjure up what we like to call an Epic Manventure.

These manventures have become annual for us; we both admit they serve a greater purpose than simply pursuing hobbies and passions. More importantly these adventures serve to reset the homeostasis of our minds and bodies. Corporate life, careers, and the burdens of adulthood can stifle a man’s ability to fulfill his role, whatever that may be. Getting outdoors, away from concreted mega-cities, allow for a breath of fresh air. Moving, running, jumping, climbing, observing, reflecting as they traverse primitive locations, break up the drudgery of life in a cubicle or a stale routine. It refuels the soul and renews purpose.

Perhaps, most important, these manventures are opportunities to encourage one another. They serve to recalibrate the authenticity and integrity of life. The personal connection that is made during these adventures allows for real conversation. No barriers, no distractions. Being genuine requires one to be transparent and real. Having a friend that can hold you accountable is invaluable. Seth not only relates to the struggle of being a great husband and father, but he also understands the struggle to be strong and unwavering in conviction. These times allow for us to remember that what we stand for is noble and worth the struggle. As a brand we want to serve and encourage men, that they may know how important their authenticity is—that deep within they are equipped with unbelievable strength of character to cause incredible change in their lives and those around them.

Living life for adventure brings clarity of mind. For most, we have careers or do work so that we can enjoy adventure, but we must be careful not be overwhelmed and consumed by careers and work. Our work often provides so that we can pursue our passions or our callings, which ultimately provides far more satisfaction then our work. This is the purpose behind Beard & Tackle. We pursue much more than a bottom line. We pursue relationships. We seek to create relationships with those that have few. People are our passion and we want to create opportunities for our customers to be a part of just that. Our #beardswithamission serves to help provide life changing relationship with the homeless of Dallas. We partner with Our Calling, a local Dallas outreach group whose primary focus is relationship. As we’ve experienced, these relationships are full of adventure. They bring on a flood of emotion that we hope you’ll share with us!

We are passionate about beards. A good beard tells a good story. A good beard creates conversation and makes a man memorable. Beard & Tackle makes and provides high quality beard care products, but those products are simply a means to an end. Ultimately, we represent something greater. We want to promote and encourage men to dig deep into their hearts and discover a life full of adventure and authenticity—tackling life challenges one day at a time.

Andy Parker

Co-Founder, Beard & Tackle

March 27, 2017 by Molly Parker
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