Top 10 Reasons to Wear Beard & Tackle Products


You don't want to look like this:


Beard wearing requires a bit of maintenance.  You can't jump out of the shower, towel dry your beard and run off to your job or that special occasion and expect people to take you seriously. Wearing a beard properly will give you superior confidence and a touch of "Samson" manly strength. If your lucky it may land you a modeling gig.





B&T products double as a great hair care product. Whether you sport the conservative "comb-over" or the trendy "messy" look, rub the remaining product from grooming your beard through your hair and stylize appropriately. Not only is B&T taking care of your beard, but saving you money as well by doubling as hair product.




One of the greatest responses to B&T products is how appealing the scent is. It's manly, woodsy, clean, crisp and refreshing. No need for chemically driven synthetic colognes that are over powering and basically unpleasant to everyone you crop dust. Try B&T, you'll see. ***Disclaimer*** Don't be alarmed if strangers approach you and ask if your wearing EO's...(essential oils).



All ingredients in B&T products serve an intentional purpose. Created to tackle the itch, flakes, unruly and coarse whiskers, dry skin and more, B&T will take care of the unwanted side effects of beard growth.  Let me remind you this unpleasant phase of growth is just that, a phase. Let B&T push you past this phase and see where your beard will take you.



Did I mention that all the ingredients are also 100% pure, natural & organic. There are no petroleum products, fillers, additives, or synthetic scents.  You can feel good knowing that B&T ingredients are of the highest quality and why wouldn't you want that for your beard?  It deserves it.



Since we are on a roll with bragging about our ingredients, you should also know that they come from right here in the U.S.A. As we've jumped into entrepreneurship full steam ahead, we have developed a new appreciation for local business. They are passionate, spirited, great for the economy and all about relationships. Naturally, that's what B&T is about. Relationship.



Made in Texas...need I say more?



B&T values customer feedback. That said, we are proud to share with you, based on your demand, our newest product set to launch in February just in time for Valentine's Day.  Be sure to tell your leading lady about it...she won't regret it and neither will you. Here is a sneak peek of the new label:




This brand was entirely created by my wife out of love for me (and my facial hair). Many beard care providers are bearded men who love the culture around bearding, as I do. What makes B&T different is it's driven from a woman's perspective about beards. So, for those of you out there whose special someone isn't particularly on board with the beard; the softness, tameness and attractive scent will make it more bearable to them. I do speak from personal experience as I've now far surpassed any amateur beard I've had in the past and have become the face, or should I say Beard, of the brand. I've even got her support of my quest for a yeard (a year without shaving/trimming). If this is you, give B&T a've got nothing to lose...except your beard...which you will anyways.





Rolling in as our top reason on the list: The heart of B&T is giving back. From the inception of this brand B&T has committed 10% of its beard care profits to Our Calling, who builds relationships and serves the homeless of Dallas. They do amazing work and we are happy to serve and partner with them.  For more information check them out at

January 01, 2015 by Molly Parker

A Different Perspective

Writing from a different perspective here. A woman's perspective. On homelessness.


As I think back to the beginning of Beard & Tackle and the heart of the business model (giving back to others), I am forced to look at the way homelessness is viewed in our culture. As a woman, I think it easy to be scared, frightened, or even disgusted by what you might see on the streets. The change in my heart on homelessness actually began when I read the book Same Kind of Different As Me  several years ago, it is an intriguing and inspiring true story to say the least. If you haven't read it, I'd encourage you to check it out.


Anyway, back to this perspective. You see, I think it is "normal" in our society for women to hide in fear or run for cover when they see a homeless person in sight and/or approaching them. I will admit that was always me in the past. It's not like I was actually running away or anything, but I for sure was avoiding any eye contact or social engagement with them at all costs. Now, I am not saying that today I will be jumping out of my car when I see a homeless person when I am by myself. Of course I still use caution and am aware of my surroundings. But this perspective I am referring to is more of an attitude of how you view, well, anyone really.


There is a deep longing in everyone's soul to feel hope, purpose, and significance. Do we or should we expect anything less from our homeless population? At Beard & Tackle, we are firm believers that everyone has a significant purpose. And this does not exclude the homeless. What if you looked into the eyes of a homeless man or woman and saw them for who they really are? Or what if you looked through the grunge and dirt and saw someone hurt, lost, and looking for a purpose? I believe it's what's missing in much of how we react to our homeless population.


This leads back to the post (Clear Vision=Successful Mission) about our night out celebrating our launch, where we ran into a homeless man...who really, just wanted a listening ear. It was mentioned that he kept referring back to me and saying he saw a "sparkle in my eye" and I think I can explain what he was referring to. When he approached us, after being turned away by many others, I was standing next to Andy and I didn't move. The reason I mention how I was standing is I think most women would curl up close to her right hand man, clinch his arm and stand back with fear in her eyes. I stood there, calm without reservation or fear. I can admit this is probably one of the first encounters where I reacted in this way. And he noticed. Now whether or not he was telling us the truth, or if his story or needs were real are superfluous, because in this moment, I truly believe he was searching for some hope, purpose, and significance. To be treated as a human. A real person. With a past and a story. Isn't that just like all of us? We all have a past, a story...a purpose. And while we may deal with it differently, does that mean we are to treat the homeless like they are less-than or unworthy for something as simple as a conversation?


When I visited with the founders of Our Calling, I was surprised to hear that Christmas is one the hardest times for the homeless. It is a time when our society actually notices them and throws money or lavish gifts to them.  This generosity can lead to more drug/alcohol abuse, looting, and stealing among others in their population. I'm not suggesting that we shouldn't take heart and give, but rather the way in which we do it maybe needs to be reevaluated. At Our Calling, they provide showers, washers and dryers and at least one meal a day, along with mentors and programs to aid in rehabilitation. There are some homeless people who Our Calling have had relationships with for over 10 years. It's not just about "getting them off the streets" it's about a relationship, a foundation. Change can happen when we invest into the lives of others and who they are as a core, not just a quick fix to make things appear "better".


In this season of giving, would you consider giving with a cause? B&T gives 10% of profit to Our Calling and their rehabilitation mission to the homeless population. Let's remember, everyone has a significant purpose and if B&T can assist in people understanding their true worth, then our job is being accomplished.


We hope you join us on this journey of Beards With A Mission.

Merry Christmas,


December 09, 2014 by Molly Parker

Clear Vision = Successful Mission

Into our first week of business and we are thrilled with sales and web traffic. We are finding that entrepreneurship is a whole new animal, but it's thrilling, as well as very easily consuming.  Those of you who share this same experience know what I'm talking about.  Late nights, fights with the bank, web travesties and the emotions of anxiety and uncertainty can really debilitate you...especially if you're like us and have full time jobs, a two year old and let's not forget about the sweet thing that's healthily growing inside Molly's belly.  No doubt this week has been exciting and if its any indication of the future...this will be a interesting journey.


Since this idea was conceived I have to shamefully admit that I've dropped the ball on pursuing my wife.  We've been busy!  Late nights at the computer, problem solving etc...I thought that was quality time-ha!  Anyways, lucky for me my wife organized a sitter, thanks Robyn, and planned a date celebrating Beard & Tackle's launch.  Being a bearded guy I thought it fantastic that she took me to H & G Supply Co.  (Hunter & Gatherer) Fitting for guys with great beards.  A great time.  Beautiful wife, great atmosphere, and carnivorous food.  If you're in East Dallas you have to check it out. 



The night continued and got better. Well, better may not be the right word.  Let's say, the night continued and became more inspiring.  While we were waiting for our valet we noticed a homeless man trying to have conversations with other folks who were waiting.  As I watched I hoped that he would continue towards us so we'd have an opportunity to talk with him.  From it's inception, Beard & Tackle had a mission to serve others.  One way we do this is through our partnership with Our Calling, who serves our homeless population here in Dallas.  We call this Beards With A Mission.  After being sent away by many people, he made it to us.  His name was Greg and he told us his story, nearly his life story.  As his story telling went on, our car arrived and began clogging up the valet line.  Molly went to pay and I had to interrupt and say, "Greg, what can I help you with?"  Greg knew how much money he needed to get a room, but was not able to count.  He simply wanted me to let him know how much money he had in his hands.  Only a few dollars short, I happily gave him a few lousy dollars, but more importantly was able to hook him up with Our Calling and get him some help, a clean bed and a hot shower.  This was the most reaffirming experience as we've launched this week.  Sales are awesome.  Likes on Facebook and followers on Instagram, essential.  But nothing this week came close to being able to help a man in need and fulfill our mission.




As we took this picture Greg was singing about Jesus and had the greatest smile on his face, despite having a broken jaw and broken arm from being mugged.  This curbside prophet also predicted that my wife, Molly, was pregnant with a girl (we didn't find out what we are having).  Only time will tell.  Oh ya, and one more thing.  Did I mention Beards With A Mission was a passion of my wife's?  As Greg talked to us he kept noticing the bright sparkle in her eyes.  A sparkle, that to me, is a reminder of how fortunate we are to pursue our dreams.  Join us on our journey, giving back to those in need. 


Beard On,



November 21, 2014 by Molly Parker

Who is Beard & Tackle?

Welcome to Beard & Tackle!  We are finally open and happy to provide you with your bearding essentials.  As we launch this product, we'd like to thank The Old State for their professionalism and creative genius helping us brand and develop this product and Lauren Allen Photography for the stellar images.  To my wife, Molly, the brains, good looks, and entrepreneur in the family, you're awesome.  I've never known someone so passionate about serving others, making all efforts to genuinely help any way she can, before taking much deserved time to herself.  She's the ultimate example of Christ and the driving force behind any success that I have.  

Several months ago Molly had a desire to begin voodoo, or at least that's what I call it.  She began making products for the home as well as personal products for women and expectant mothers through a company she created called Graceful Remedies LLC.  Little did I know that her desire to make and offer 100% pure natural and organic products would move into the realm of men.  Lucky for me and all of us men, Molly began to conjure up killer recipes that allowed me to do what deep down every man wants, that is, to grow a beard.  I've always had facial hair, but I'm not talking about the small, scruffy, GQ well manicured and edged up beard that men wear in November or throughout the winter months.  I'm talking about, a no doubt about it, full on beard and for those of us who can grow a nice full beard, we owe it to the guy who can't, either for professional reasons or genetics, grow a BIG beard.  I have to admit, I started growing my beard from scruff in June 2014 so that I could test her recipes and be the "face" of the brand.  Now I'm five months into this and am not sure that I could ever again desecrate this beard with a razor.  It's a part of me.  It's on my face.  It's the first thing people notice of me and either way it creates attention.  It's either positive envy from a fellow man or "why would you do that?" from my mom or older women that I work with.  Either way, my beard is a part of me and I love the fact that my wife, who once would have opposed such growth now can stand it...should I dare say, love it.  All of this possible, of course, with the use of the B&T Reviver to condition my itchy skin during the grow out phase and to replenish my beard naturally with pure essential oils, and also use of the B&T Wax for which I can really tame my beard and stylize my mustache. We hope that you'll check out our products.  Men, give it a try.  Grow that beard.     


Happy Bearding,

Beard & Tackle

November 13, 2014 by Molly Parker