B&T Woodsman Box

$ 64.99

Brand Beard & Tackle


The ultimate beard care set, complete with B&T Wax, B&T Reviver, B&T Oil, and B&T Wax Excavator. Perfect as a gift or for storing personal beard goods. Also works great as your travel beard/toiletries vessel. Experience the complete B&T product line and as a bonus, when you purchase the Woodsman Box, you are receiving 10% off each individual product.


The gift box is a custom handmade wooden box with a filler that is all natural & 100% biodegradable premium grade wood excelsior made in the USA. Made from non-toxic and non-allergenic Aspen wood fibers. Again, care and precision is taken in our products as we strive for the highest quality.

With this purchase 10% of profit goes to our Beards With A Mission.