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*BEST SELLER* Beard & Tackle Foaming Face & Beard Wash

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Brand Beard & Tackle


Let's face it, even the manliest of men have to wash their face from time to time. Problem is, most daily soaps won't clean and nourish your beard and face. Many soaps may in fact clean your beard, but at the expense of stripping your whiskers of the natural oils protecting it. Our foaming face and beard wash has been intentionally crafted to provide your beard sustenance and cleanliness without drying out your masterpiece and making it a tangled birds nest of brittleness. Being the Bearded Wonder that you are, now you have something created intentionally for your beard. And because it's that awesome, it works everywhere else too. Not bearded? No problem. You can't find a better face soap, regardless of being bearded. 



Best applied during a shower; give a gentle shake as natural separation is normal, pump a handful of soap in hand and gently rub deep into your beard, massaging all the way to your skin. In order to continue promoting growth, it is essential to remove all follicle clogging particles. Allow your beard to soak in the goodness while you finish up. The refreshing tingle will stimulate and revive your beard and spirit. A true foaming soap, B&T Face & Beard Wash will lather up, clean, medicate, and nourish your beard or face. Use within 3 months of purchase. Want to try it out first? Check out our travel size here.

Be sure to read Beard & Tackle's Beards With A Mission about how the purchase of this product gives back to a great cause. 



Beard & Tackle takes pride in using the highest quality ingredients in our products. There are never any chemicals, fillers or by-products. The labels are oil and water proof.

Wash: 100% Pure Organic: Castille Soap, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Glycerin, Aloe Gel, Vitamin E Oil, Purified Water and 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Pine. 8 oz. foaming pump soap.


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