Beard & Tackle is a brand offered under the parent company Graceful Remedies LLC.  Our founder, Molly Parker, began Graceful Remedies in February of 2014 out of a passion for 100% pure natural and organic home and personal care products.  Beard & Tackle was conceived as an experimental attempt to remedy the dry, flaky, itchy skin that plagues any man with beard and mustache hair, more specifically her husband, attempting to grow and wear a GQ beard.  Turns out, the experiment was a huge success.  Not only did the horrible side effects of bearding subside for her husband, but the anxiety any woman has of her man wearing a gruff, unruly beard lessened also.  Now the art of bearding is less of a hassle and as a bonus, has a subtle manly scent that is very desirable. 

We believe in people over profit and it's always our first mission to serve others. We are passionate about building relationships and changing the face of bearding for the good. With each purchase, proceeds go towards aiding the transitioning homeless through education, mentoring, recovery, and resource distribution.

Beard & Tackle was established October 2014 and is located in Dallas, TX.



Check out our sister brand, Braid, where we offer Natural Remedies for Beauty & Wellness and aid in transforming the lives of homeless children.
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