Beard & Tackle, from its inception, was designed with a desire to serve our local community. We are 'Beards With A Mission' making a difference. Beard & Tackle believes in the power of giving back and for every purchase, 10% of our profit goes to a non-profit homeless rehabilitation organization. So while you are grooming and using Beard & Tackle products, know you are serving others and helping to make a difference in the lives of others. We proudly support Our Calling  whose mission is to " personal relationships with homeless friends in order to see life change. [They] focus on four different areas to accomplish [their] mission: education, mentoring, recovery, and resource distribution." Your purchase transforms lives.



Beard & Tackle also participates in giving back every November to a special cause. The month of November is a glorified month in the beard world. We celebrate in No Shave November (not shaving all November) and Movember (not shaving the stache all of November) to raise awareness for men's health, for every purchase, 3% of profit during the month of November goes to the official Prostate Cancer Foundation. Your purchase can help save lives. Join the Beard & Tackle movement this November.



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